Case Study Writing: the Guide of Preparing

Analysis of case studies suggests investigation of business problem, examining the question, and proposing the better solution of the problem by using supporting evidence.

How to Prepare Good Case Study Research

Before starting writing, make sure you have discovered all needed guidelines that will help you in writing the particular case study research.

  • Read carefully and examine case study,
  • Notice interesting for you facts and underline main problems,
  • Focus on the analysis,
  • Identify few main problems,
  • Discover why they exist,
  • Find their influence on the organization.
  • Find out the responsible persons of it,
  • Propose the possible solutions,
  • Discover all available readings, discussions, researches, etc.
  • Choose the best solution.

After it consider the strong evidence and find out all pros and cons to make sure your solution was really the best one.

Correct Drafting of Good Writing a Case Study

After collection all important information it is a high time to make a draft of the case study. This has to include following parts:

  • Introduction – in this part you should identify the main problems in your research. Also formulate and add the thesis statement with the summary of your analysis in couple of sentences.
  • Background – prepare the scene of the research. For doing this, describe the background information, relevant facts, and other necessary items. Show that you have solved all problems in the case study writing.
  • Alternatives – offer possible alternatives (few of them with the explanations why they were rejected).
  • Constraints and reasons – explain why the alternatives are not working this time.
  • Solutions of the problem – choose the specific and realistic solving of the problem with the explanation of this choosing. Do not forget about solid evidence of the solution.

There are some parts that may be outside of the research, such as personal experience, anecdotes, recommendations.

Why Do You Need to Finalize the Case Study?

After creating the main part of case study writing it is time to check it and edit possible gaps or discrepancies in the content and structure. Look at your thesis statement, is it clear and direct? Do you have the solid evidence? Do you have some missed component for the analysis?

After finishing all these acts, such as revisions and proofreading, edit the case study essay before the final draft and presentation. To help you in writing case study our service may. We can write an essay, gather the information, share all needed knowledge, and help in writing on any stage of the work.

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