Speech Writing: a Mentor, Correct Words and Length

Speech writing is an easy work if you know how to do it perfect. In this work professional people may help you.

The experience of others may help you in writing a speech. Find a professional who writes well if you want to learn something from him. Spend time with this person, for example go to have a cup of coffee, travel somewhere. Believe it will be the invaluable experience.

Actually, you may never meet your mentor. It is enough to read the written speeches of favorite essay writer, listen to him, or buy a MP3 record. Ideas and experience of the professional may fit your own ideas. Maybe you will like some tricks of this speaker, such as making pause, using voice, etc.

How to Choose Correct Words to Writing Speeches

The word is a strong powerful tool. The changed word can make the difference in the meaning and making the speech memorable. This tool could not be used carelessly. The person who may find right words to express the main ideas is a professional one.

Pay a lot of attention on words you use in speech writing. Think carefully about every word before speaking. Do you have better word to say what you want? Listen to other writers and their words. Do you think you will express this idea much better? Are words popular for both: speaking and writing?

Less Information May Be Better for Your Speech

  • Very often a person says too much but for many situations less communication is better. For example, if your speech has PowerPoint presentation, pay attention to the text there. Do not put all information into one slide, make a point of it. Use the rule of 6 by 6. It means 6 words in a line and 6 lines of the text. In this way the audience will receive much more information. In other way, your speech and presentation become boring.
  • If the person ask you “yes” or “no” question, then answer “yes” or “no”, do not give a lengthy answer. The long answer may be given on questions that begin as “What do you think”, “How do you do”, etc. If your answer is an impromptu, then make it brief. If you talk too much, you will lose your idea.
  • If you have good materials but have no time to present it, stop talking and take your seat. The audience will know you are well-organized person and do everything on time.
  • When you are talking, do not remember interesting stories from your life which are not related to the subject. Tell the presentation’s subject and other material in order. Most often the length is not necessary, the meaning of it does.
So, as you see, there are many nuances in writing speeches. If you have any doubts then ask “write my speech for me” to a professional service, as we are.
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